Amazon-Go leading the way


Amazon opened a fourth Amazon-Go cashier less convenience store in Chicago, the first location outside Seattle. The new store is at 113S Franklin St in Chicago’s Loop, one block from one of the City’s elevated train routes and within a few blocks of Union Station. Good C-Store location dense with Office workers and on a commenter path.

Amazon-Go using camera technology, scanners and Machine learning algorithms to improve the customer journey.  They may be ahead in technology but they still have a long way to go understanding Food Retailing.

Read here about the first store AMAZON GO-GO

Amazon isn’t the only one chasing a cashier less vision, Frictionless shopping is the goal of many retailers and start-ups.  Companies like Standard Cognition and Zippin have opened their own pilot stores so other retailers can use the technology.

Standard Market based in SanFrancisco is a concept store that users overhead cameras but no sensors to correctly matches items to the right shopper, detects when a shopper returns an item to the shelf or puts it in a bag or a pocket. (View a video HERE) Customers download the STandard Checkout App to shop and checkout. No scanning required for a frictionless experience.  View more detailed story HERE,

Zippin are a startup based in BAy Area of SanFrancisco and have a Beta-Concept store where they are learning fast  READ more HERE

MobyMart in Shanghai is learning fast  ( read story HERE)

and in UK Tesco and Sainsbury’s are trialing stores where customers scan the products themselves and then have a simpler checkout on a phone.

Making it as easy and frictionless as possible is the battleground of retail in the next few years and using data and digital to deliver a Better, Simpler, Cheaper Shopping Experience is the ExamQuestion for many retailers at the moment .





Author: Andrew Mann

Managing Partner at NorthBailey. Having had senior marketing & insight roles at Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Coop and M&S, I'm now using my experience & network to solve strategic marketing problems for NorthBailey clients

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