Data Pulses to stimulate

Being Data driven needs to become a core value – part of an organisations DNA

The world is changing rapidly, and organisations that thrive in the future will innovate and transform the customer experience through building strong data driven strategic and operational capability.

The real challenge is successfully linking together functional specialists to deliver organisational / commercial results.

We should all be constantly building a forward view of the power of data in organisations, by exploring ways that data has transformed leading edge organisations. A wide ambition, stretching the mind continuously and understanding best practice on a global basis.

Combining deep understanding of data use, a strong customer / marketing lens, lots of curiosity, we can build a picture of best practice options to create data-driven organisations.

  1. Understanding how data can transform the brand story and contribute to brand development
  2. Leveraging data-driven analysis /technology to make an organisation “better, simpler, cheaper”!
  3. Transforming the customer experience and communication through data-driven, segmented and relevant communication
  4. Creation of stronger communities, with individuals contributing to network effects that benefit the wider group

I always look for the best stories of great data use to deliver business results I call them   “Data Pulses”.

I hope they stimulate and build your understanding of data storytelling.



One thought on “Data Pulses to stimulate”

  1. Hi Andrew.

    I think that our new campaign with Dansk Supermarket Group will interest you. We have become experts on using mobile games to drive engagement and new customers to both amusement parks and Supermarkets.

    We just launched this plug n play game+voucher platform for Dansk Supermarket Group, the leading Danish retailer. The game is only available on Danish Apple store and Google Play for now and gotten +70.000 downloads in just one week.

    Video: (in Danish. English CC subtitles)
    Voucher shop:

    I would like to keep you updated for you to see the engagement effect from this case, if it has your interest.


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