How to get through to a Bad Listener

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How to Get Through to a Bad Listener

Leadership Tip of the week# 82

adapted from HBR

It’s frustrating to work with someone who doesn’t listen.

Whether your colleague interrupts you, rambles on, or seems distracted, the impact is the same: You feel ignored, and the chances of misunderstandings increase.

But you can encourage your colleague to listen better by emphasizing the importance of your message up front.

Before starting a conversation, say: “I have to talk to you about something important, and I need your help.”

This sends a signal to your colleague that they need to pay attention.

As frustrating as it may be, you may also need to make your point multiple times, in multiple ways. Be transparent about what you’re doing.

You might say: “I want to repeat this, because I want to make sure it’s understood.”

Then follow up with: “Does that make sense?”

That way you can know your message has been heard.

Adapted from “How to Work with a Bad Listener,” by Rebecca Knight

Author: Andrew Mann

Managing Partner at NorthBailey. Having had senior marketing & insight roles at Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Coop and M&S, I'm now using my experience & network to solve strategic marketing problems for NorthBailey clients

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