Creating an Open Culture

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Management Tip of the week

adapted from Harvard Business Review

Create a Culture Where People Are Open to Feedback


The benefits of an open culture — where frank, candid discussions about problems are possible — are immense, but building an open culture is difficult. However, once you establish the practice of open feedback across the company, you’ll likely find that it builds momentum quickly. Leaders can set their organization on the path to having an open culture by modeling three behaviors:

  • Showing appreciation. Overcome the negative connotation of “feedback” by recognizing your employees’ good work too. Research suggests you should share positive feedback three times as often as negative feedback.
  • Opening up. We all tend to respond to feedback by protecting ourselves, but building an open culture requires leaders to really listen to what people say to them. Demonstrate how to receive feedback without taking it personally.
  • Getting the whole company involved. Silos create an “us vs. them” mindset. Get other departments involved in decision making early and often.

Adapted from “Create a Culture Where Difficult Conversations Aren’t So Hard,” by Jim Whitehurst


Author: mannmannandrew

Throughout my career I have been about building strong commercial relationships across an organisation, enabling and building data driven capability and leading teams encouraging them to develop industry leading solutions for customers. Ideas develop from collaboration, listening, observing and learning

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