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Last week I was invited to speak at The Executive Network’s Multichannel Customer Journey Conference in Royal Garden Hotel London , with James McClure General Manager Airbnb , Tamsin Todd MD Crystal Ski Holidays TUI and Adam Wilson from TheO2 amongst others.

The over-riding theme from delegates and other speakers was around making change happen. There is reasonable clarity amongst leaders in what is required to deliver an improved Omni-channel customer experience that drives growth. The difficult challenge is the How to drive change in an organisation at the pace required.

I talked about driving change in an organisation starts by having clarity on the organisations purpose and goals, aligning internally first, telling the story through multi-layers of Me, We and Us to align leadership, colleagues and customers to all become advocates.

To tell the story effectively three key areas need to be aligned to deliver an improved Omni-channel customer experience.

  1. clarity around the commercial imperatives that need to be delivered:
    • driving the bottom line by improving efficiency of the operation
      • by making it better for customer,
      • simpler for colleagues or
      • cheaper to run,
    • or driving profit by growing top-line customer numbers and L4L sales growth.
  2. Developing customer solutions that deliver those commercial imperatives.
  3. Aligning the Technical teams in Analytics, IT and development around an agreed customer solution that delivers the commercial goals.

Other delegates had examples that built on this theme:

James McClure from Airbnb aligned the organisation around a common purpose to “experience the world like a local”, working with partners renting space in their homes and using data driven analytics to improve the relevance for “renters”

Checkout my blog for more detail:

Adam Wilson from The O2 talked about how the whole organisation aligned around improving the customer experience because that drove repeat visits. The whole organisation focused on providing more information to visitors at key time. Data driven analytics and real-time data are used to continually make a visit better.

Abhi Chacko from Gatwick Airport had a challenge around limited capacity in a growth market that needed to be stretched. He talked through how they are using Open Data working alongside airlines like EasyJet to make the experience of visiting the airport better for customer by providing flight departure details on everyone’s phone app rather than searching for a departures board to find out when you have to go through, simpler for colleagues with Easyjet baggage dropping services and quicker which improved the capacity in a limited resource.

Tamsin Todd CEO Crystal Ski Holidays talked through how they improved the customer experience in an omni-channel environment, creating value for customers and driving incremental sales and efficiency.

Aligning organisations around the customer to deliver improved Omni channel experiences is definitely a challenge faced by many organisations and requires leadership on Exec board and beyond to drive change.

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Author: Andrew Mann

Managing Partner at NorthBailey. Having had senior marketing & insight roles at Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Coop and M&S, I'm now using my experience & network to solve strategic marketing problems for NorthBailey clients

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